Stamp Store in Stevens Point, WI

Welcome to JadeCo Stamp & Hobby, Wisconsin’s largest stamp store located in Stevens Point, WI. At JadeCo, we’re truly passionate about all things stamp collecting, and we’re dedicated to providing stamp enthusiasts with the supplies they need to enhance their collecting experience.

As stamp collectors ourselves, we also understand the joy that comes with finding a rare stamp or expanding your collection. That’s why JadeCo Stamp & Hobby is committed to offering a wide range of stamp-collecting supplies to meet the needs of collectors at every level.

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Our Collection

Here at JadeCo, we take pride in our extensive collection of over 85 red boxes and U.S. new issues. Whether you are looking for stamps to add to your collection or simply browsing for inspiration, we have something for everyone. Our collection includes catalogs, 300+ collections, 25+ topical bins, mounts, and other stamp accessories, as well as reference books to help you learn more about the world of stamp collecting.

Stamp-Collecting Supplies

At JadeCo Stamp & Hobby, we believe that having the right supplies is key to a successful stamp-collecting experience. That’s why we stock the largest supply of stamp-collecting supplies in the state of Wisconsin. So whether you’re a seasoned collector, or you’re just starting out, we have everything you need to organize, preserve, and display your collection.

Some of the available stamp-collecting supplies that we have in stock include:

  • Stock Books and Albums:

    Keep your stamps organized with our wide selection of stock books and albums. These books are perfect for categorizing your stamps by country, theme, or year of issue.

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  • Tongs:

    Handling stamps with your fingers can damage them over time. That’s why we recommend using stamp tongs to safely pick up and move your stamps without causing any harm.

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  • Mounts:

    Show off your stamps in style with our selection of mounts. These clear plastic strips keep your stamps secure while allowing them to be easily viewed and admired.

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  • Magnifiers:

    Get a closer look at the details of your stamps with our magnifiers. These handy tools are essential for examining the intricate designs and fine print of each stamp.

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  • Reference Books:

    Expand your knowledge of stamp collecting with our selection of reference books. From beginner’s guides to advanced catalogs, we have resources to help you learn more about the history and significance of different stamps.

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So whether you’re a casual collector looking to add a few new stamps to your collection, or you’re a serious philatelist seeking rare and valuable pieces, JadeCo Stamp & Hobby has everything you need to fuel your passion for stamp collecting. So don’t wait: come visit us today in Stevens Point, WI, or browse our online store to explore our collection of stamps and stamp-collecting supplies. We look forward to helping you take your stamp collecting to the next level!

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