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Bee S. February 25, 2023
"The staff always super friendly and polite. They also give out painting tips and are super involved with helping new painters out like myself. They have a wide selection from D&D supplements to tons of board games. If you’re looking for a new place to look around, or just have a nice conversation with genuine people; this is definitely the place to go!"
Denise Chorne March 25, 2022
"What a gem! The board game selection is amazing...they have Gloomhaven! There is a nice selection of magic cards and if you are a model builder there are some unique models. This is also the spot for stamp collectors. A very fine store for the adventurous hobbiest."
T April 25, 2021
"I absolutely love this store and I think it's the biggest gem in the Stevens Point area for hobbyists and war/history enthusiasts. Lots of interesting and unique items and the store has a comforting, classic and homey feel to it. I have found many cool items here I didn't even know existed and couldn't find online. Few stores give me the excitement and amusement that this store gives me."